Juan Gris, the forgotten Cubism

Not as well known as Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris was a revolutionary in his treatment about Cubism. Most of authors who have studied his figure have concluded that Gris was the real creator of Pure Cubism; however, there is another theory about his contribution to the Spanish Art History, and it is which considers Gris as a simple disciple of Picasso. But, in fact, when you come closer to Gris' works is easy to understand what is refered with "Pure Cubism" concept. Because in these paintings, objects acquire their fundamental formal quality, betraying us the idea beyond shapes and colours. There is a duty from Art History with Juan Gris; it has to reclaim the value of his creation, moving him away from Picasso's shadows. One of the most important collections about Gris in Spain is sited on Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, in Madrid, with more than 100 works covering all his stages. The better way to recover Juan Gris is, indoubtedly, admiring his paintings.

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